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About Us

Welcome to ChromAnimals!

To say that we are dog lovers would be a pretty big understatement!  We started this endeavor over five years ago because we wanted to combine our love of dogs with the knowledge we gained in our automotive business.  We wanted a way that people could honor their dogs that wasn't just a flat magnet on the car.  We felt our dogs deserved something a little more artistic.  

We began with a list of dog breeds — the 20 most popular family dogs according to various online sources. We then sent photo samples to a commissioned canine artist of the different angles we wanted to start from. She then returned to us a number of sketches and we picked the ones that we felt truly captured the essence of each breed. Some of the sketches were to such a high standard that oftentimes we fell in love with the first design we saw!

From there the magic really began with our manufacturer using CAD drawings to turn those pieces of art into the molds that would eventually become our ChromAnimals.  Our very own dog medallions were born!

We then took our same emblem design and made them into one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments.  Give a beautiful, unique gift to all of the dog lovers in your life during the holiday season!